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A11.1 - Choices, Supporting Students Through Differentiated Physical and Health Henry Angus (ANGU 335)Erin Slater • University of Victoria A11.2 - Math and Movement in the Classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 335)Candace Ivanco • University of Victoria - East Kootenay Education Program A11.3 - Integrating Fine Motor Support into the classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 335)Jennifer Horvath • University of Victoria - East Kootenay Education Program A04 - Teaching TO and FROM Identity Henry Angus (ANGU 354)Katrina Crawshaw • University of Victoria A05 - Water Quality: Global Issues and Solutions Neville Scarfe (SCRF 1128)Christine Wren • University of Manitoba A06 - Post-secondary Inquiry-based course work and Assessment for Learning Henry Angus (ANGU 435)Jennifer Delvecchio • University of British Columbia A07 - Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Digital Citizenship Henry Angus (ANGU 292)Cameron Beck • Kids Code Jeunesse A08 - Igniting the Future of First Nation Students by Bridging Traditional and Western Knowledge Henry Angus (ANGU 254)Amjad Malik • Jody Beardy • Andrea Garson • Tannis Henderson • Vicky Keeper • Cheyenna Kitchekeesik • Tracy Maud • University College of the North A09 - Learning Through Our Five Senses Henry Angus (ANGU 291)Jennifer Bureau • Vancouver Island University A10 - Resiliency through the Medicine Wheel Model of the Whole Child Henry Angus (ANGU 345)Kelsey MacDonald • Mariah Bouchard • Allison Cuthbertson • Christina Paterson • University of Northern British Columbia A01.1 - Sustainable Leadership Supporting Educational Transformation Henry Angus (ANGU 295)Kathy Sanford • Dana Bell • Melissa Horner • Kerry Robertson • University of Victoria A01.2 - Modelling Indigenous Teachings to Teachers Henry Angus (ANGU 295)Amy Cote • Roxane Letterlough, Faculty of Education • Trish Terry, Elder Mentor • Thompson Rivers University A02.1 - Kindle the Right Habits: Practices that Empower Us to Become Effective Educators Henry Angus (ANGU 350)Ibeth Albertazzi • Vancouver Island University A02.2 - How the Type of Your Classroom Pet Differentially Affects Your Students’ Well-being Henry Angus (ANGU 350)Brianne Bartel • Taylor Martin • Laura Sokal • University of Winnipeg A03.1 - Finding the synergies between middle years teaching and self-regulated learning Henry Angus (ANGU 334)Leyton Schnellert • Carter Brown • Danielle Kraichy • Marna MacMillan • Miriam Miller • University of British Columbia A03.2 - Developing Place-Consciousness through in situ Learning Henry Angus (ANGU 334)Leyton Schnellert • Kaleigh Brown • Harjee Judge • Susanne Maguire • Heather Shippitt • Jeff Slack • Alyssa Stapleton • University of British Columbia


B06 - Creating a Ground Swell: Using Duoethnography to Ignite Change Henry Angus (ANGU 037)Hilary Brown • Brock University B07 - The Digital Tattoo at 10 Years: Helping Teacher Candidates Make Informed Decisions about their Digital Identity Henry Angus (ANGU 345)Lucas Wright • Rod Brown • Alex Kuskowski, UBC Learning Services • John Yamamoto • University of British Columbia B08 - Ready, Set, Go for it Henry Angus (ANGU 241)Courtney Moffatt • University of Saskatchewan B09 - Igniting a Sense of Self: The Power of Showing up and Being Seen in the School Community Henry Angus (ANGU 243)Alyssa Stapleton • University of British Columbia B10 - Helping Secondary Students Understand Mathematics' Big Ideas with Hands-on Learning Henry Angus (ANGU 347)Megan McClary • University of Calgary B11 - Exploring Imaginative Pedagogies in Teacher Education Henry Angus (ANGU 435)Nina Pak-Lui and Jenn Skelding • Trinity Western University B12 - What is Readers Theatre? Why is it important? How can it ‘Ignite the Future’ of our students? Henry Angus (ANGU 291)Anthea Holczer • University of Regina B01.1 - Developing Positive Personal Identity through Land Based Learning Henry Angus (ANGU 237)Lenaya Sampson • University of British Columbia B01.2 - Igniting Students Passion for the Outdoors Henry Angus (ANGU 237)Aimee Dunn • Vancouver Island University B02.1 - Beyond Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Is it time to suspend democracy? Henry Angus (ANGU 343)Shannon Moore B02.2 - Ecojustice Education for Henry Angus (ANGU 343)Meredith Lemon • University of Victoria B03.1 - Teaching for the Future in Alberta: The Impact of a New Teaching Quality Standard on Practicum Supervision Henry Angus (ANGU 434)Robin Bright • University of Lethbridge B03.2 - Innovating in the Margins of Teacher Education: Developing a Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Teachers Henry Angus (ANGU 434)Randolph Wimmer • University of Alberta B04.1 - Teaching Canada’s New Food Guide: Resources for Teachers Henry Angus (ANGU 296)Gursevak Kasbia • University of Manitoba B04.2 - Drama in Education: Visions of an Integrated Teaching Approach Henry Angus (ANGU 296)Shaylyn Maharaj-Poliah • University of Manitoba B05.1 - People, Place and Land, Finding a Sense of Belonging through Shared Learning Henry Angus (ANGU 350)Deborah Koehn • Tim Sailor • Christine Ho Younghusband • University of Norther British Columbia B05.2 - Field Experience in the ITEP PD School Model Henry Angus (ANGU 350)Alanis Lafond • University of Saskatchewan - Indian Teacher Education Program




C13.1 - Choose your Own “Edventure”: Empowering Students through Differentiated Assessment Henry Angus (ANGU 335)Sasha Ilnyckyj • University of Victoria C13.2 - Exit Slips: Types and Benefits in all Classrooms Henry Angus (ANGU 335)Brittany Currie • St. Mary's University C13.3 - What is the importance of growth mindset and motivation in relation to academic performance? Henry Angus (ANGU 335)Avneet Chhina • University of British Columbia C06 - How Investing in the Educators of Today Leads to Fostering the Leaders of Tomorrow Henry Angus (ANGU 234)Ian Dimopoulos • Diana Allen • University of Winnipeg C07 - Inquiry-Based Pedagogy with Microlearning to Change Education Henry Angus (ANGU 435)Amanda Hallson C08 - Using Technology and Play-Based Learning to Reignite Interest in Social Studies Henry Angus (ANGU 291)Danielle Hughes • University of Saskatchewan C09 - ATEP Student Panel: Sharing What We Know Henry Angus (ANGU 343)Patsy Steinhauer-Hill • Angela Wolfe, ATEP Associate Director • Dr. Evelyn Steinhauer, ATEP Director • University of Alberta C10 - Hands-on Activities - Applying the Engineering Design Cycle Henry Angus (ANGU 434)Katarina Smith • University of British Columbia - Faculty of Applied Science C11 - Moving Students Towards Leadership: Using Physical Education to Inspire Change Henry Angus (ANGU 037)Kalen Senecal • University of Regina C12 - iPads as Tools for ADST Portfolios Henry Angus (ANGU 345)Kevin Wilcox • University of Victoria C01.1 - Ruffle Feathers: Canadian LGBTQ Young Adult Literature for the Secondary ELA Classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 295)Spencer Miller • University of Calgary C01.2 - Teachers Ruin Gender: How Does Gender Expression Impact Interpersonal Relationships? Henry Angus (ANGU 295)Lorianne Reuser • Selene Atherton • Kelsey Noble • Kiefer Waite-Newhouse • University of Calgary C02.1 - Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge in Education Psychology Curriculum for Teacher Education Henry Angus (ANGU 350)Roxanne Burnett • Johanna Sam • Stella Stump • University of British Columbia C03.1 - Fostering Literacy in Mathematics Authentic Assessment: Preservice Teachers’ Conceptual Change Henry Angus (ANGU 334)Shimeng Liu • University of Calgary C03.2 - The Significance of Relationships and Belonging in the Senior Years Mathematics Classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 334)Joanna Jimena • Kimberley Panaligan • University of Manitoba C04.1 - British Columbia Language Teacher Candidates’ Experiences Integrating Technology Henry Angus (ANGU 354)Liza Navarro • University of British Columbia C04.2 - Motivation of Cellphone-assisted English as a Second or Foreign Language Learning: A Systematic Literature Review Henry Angus (ANGU 354)Min Huang • Brock University C05.1 - Becoming a Teacher: Self-Authorship and Teacher Candidates Henry Angus (ANGU 243)Xinke Wan • Nancy E. Perry • Nikki Yee • University of British Columbia C05.2 - Student Voice in Teacher Development Program (SVP) Henry Angus (ANGU 243)Alice Dong • Auton Lum • Wing Chee Wong • Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School



D12.1 - Changing practices changes education: Aligning my beliefs and teaching practices transformed my classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 254)Tim Buttler • Burman University D12.2 - Cultural / Gathering Center at our school Henry Angus (ANGU 254)Lori Martin • Brandon University D05 - Developing students' stories through place-based learning Henry Angus (ANGU 037)Robyn Griffiths • Tara Burr • University of British Columbia D06 - Building a Community through Interpersonal Activities for All Henry Angus (ANGU 345)Trevor McIntyre D07 - What’s Your Ikigai?: Finding Your ‘Reason for Being’ Through Teaching and Learning Henry Angus (ANGU 241)Arshdeep Grewal • University of Calgary D08 - The Competency Chart: An Instrument to Support Student Learning and Standards Based Assessment in the Secondary School Classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 243)Alexis McKean • Chelsea Mason • Graham McLaren • Mount Douglas Secondary School (SD61) D09 - Mobilizing the practice of self-understanding and compassion to ignite empathy in the classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 347)Surita Jhangiani • Shawna Faber • University of British Columbia D10 - A New Model: The use of growth language and the inclusion of student teacher voice in pre-service teacher preparation Henry Angus (ANGU 291)Roberta Baril • Sue Chevalier • Loretta Manning • University of Alberta D11 - Unlock Library Literacy: Mulitiliteracy support through library resource exploration Neville Scarfe (Education Library)Wendy Traas • Emily Fornwald • University of British Columbia D01.1 - Inquiry: From Personal to the Classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 237)Brie MacDonald • Mary Leighton • University of Victoria D01.2 - Inquiry: Modelling Professional Learning for Teacher Candidates Henry Angus (ANGU 237)Kerry Robertson • Melissa Horner, teacher candidate • University of Victoria D02.1 - Weaving Arts with STEM; ‘Lessons’ from Teacher Candidates Units Plans Henry Angus (ANGU 296)Nashwa Khedr • Maria B. Guillemin • University of British Columbia D02.2 - Using Design-Based Thinking to Ignite Student Learning Henry Angus (ANGU 296)Michael Holden • Michael Holden • Erik Walkowicz • Jenny Yuen • University of Calgary D03.1 - Digital Mentoring at a Rural Community Field Centre in Indigenous Teacher Education Henry Angus (ANGU 434)Corly Schmeisser • Billi Jean Graham • Johanna Sam • University of British Columbia D03.2 - Looking to the Future: Envisioning the Intersection of Social Justice and Digital Art Henry Angus (ANGU 434)Rachel Pedde • Mary-Margaret Magyar • University of Manitoba D04.1 - Physical Literacy – A new way to look forward Henry Angus (ANGU 343)Mercedes Buye • University of Saskatchewan D04.2 - Are We Preparing Our Students For Success? Teaching 21st Century Competencies Through Outdoor Education Henry Angus (ANGU 343)Trista Kennett • Talia Fawcett • University of Regina


E11.1 - Incorporating the Natural World Into Our Classrooms and Making Our Students Feel More Connected To It Henry Angus (ANGU 335)Vanessa Butler • University of British Columbia E11.2 - People, Place, and Land: Engaging Learners Using Local Resources Henry Angus (ANGU 335)Melanie Bellwood • University of Northern British Columbia E11.3 - Advocating for Allyship - My Path of Passion in Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being Henry Angus (ANGU 335)Tova Rae • Vancouver Island University E06 - Activities to Ignite Inquiry Skills in Your Classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 234)Sandy Margetts • Kaitlyn Bartel • Laura Fay • Elizabeth Hernandez • Alexa Hulme • Brandon University E07 - Bringing Culture into Mathematics Henry Angus (ANGU 435)Kyra Sinclair • University of Northern British Columbia E08 - The Art of Mindfulness in the Place-Based Science Classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 291)Kristina Gerk • Alicia Gola • University of Northern British Columbia E09 - Taking it Slowly; Indigenous Learning Principles and Slow Pedagogy Henry Angus (ANGU 293)Shannon Leddy • Lorrie Miller • University of British Columbia E10 - Creating Space for Indigenous Perspectives in Outdoor Education Focusing on the First Peoples Principles of Learning Henry Angus (ANGU 345)Brittany Seymour • University of British Columbia E01.1 - Defying Gravity: Working Effectively with At-risk Students Henry Angus (ANGU 295)Hannah Sagaral • University of Winnipeg E01.2 - How Safe are Our (Manitoban) Schools? Henry Angus (ANGU 295)Janet Lee • University of Manitoba E03.1 - Ignite the Future: Confronting Society's Ideal Body Images and Facial Features for Males and Females Henry Angus (ANGU 334)Jea Besana • University of Manitoba E03.2 - #MeToo in the Classroom: How teachers can support a culture of consent in senior years schools Henry Angus (ANGU 334)Rheana Baril-Bissett • University of Manitoba E04.1 - The New Curriculum: A Critical Look Henry Angus (ANGU 354)Emmett Balzer • Thompson Rivers University E04.2 - Canadian Social Studies: Incorporating Political Studies into the Classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 354)Andriy (Andy) Prokopchuk • University of Saskatchewan: College of Education E05.1 - Igniting the Future By Reclaiming Our Language Henry Angus (ANGU 037)Heather Witherspoon • Dani LaValley • Chantelle Love • University of Regina E05.2 - Poverty of Opportunity Within Canada Henry Angus (ANGU 037)Mariam Aboulnour


Friday, February 21



F11.1 - Finding a Sense of Belonging in Schools for Refugee Students Henry Angus (ANGU 435)Gloria Lau • University of British Columbia F11.2 - How does inquiry-based education in secondary classrooms prepare adolescents for their transition into post-secondary education? Henry Angus (ANGU 435)Rishi Gupta • University of British Columbia F05 - Laying the Fire Together: A Collaborative Approach to Foundations of Education and Schooling Henry Angus (ANGU 434)Ann Chinnery • David Chang • Isabelle Côté • Pooja Dharamshi • Colleen Elderton • Janice St. Helene • Kevin O’Neill • Carolyn Roberts • Sarine Sadhra • Robert Williamson • Simon Fraser University F06 - How Music Empowers Physical Activity Henry Angus (ANGU 254)Halyna Smolyarchuk • University of British Columbia F07 - Utilizing Discomfort in the Classroom Through an Interdisciplinary Lens (Social Studies, English, and Art) Henry Angus (ANGU 354)Candice Yee • Shea Snyder • University of British Columbia F08 - Anti-racist Advocacy: What does it mean and how can we do it in K-7? Henry Angus (ANGU 243)Puja Bali • Kiran Dhillon • Nisha Gill • University of British Columbia F09 - Ignite your Inquiry! Perfect your Pedagogical Stance! Seek your Scholar-Practitioner Identity! Henry Angus (ANGU 334)Wendy Klassen • Karen Switzer • UBC Okanagan F10 - Where do we belong in this place? Henry Angus (ANGU 335)Molina Chow • Mireya Hooper • University of British Columbia F01.1 - A Political Pedagogy: Critical Pedagogy for Equity and Justice Henry Angus (ANGU 234)Justin Fraser • University of Manitoba F01.2 - Not For Sale: Social Justice and Commodified Classrooms Henry Angus (ANGU 234)Alexander Graham • University of British Columbia F02.1 - Development and Implementation of a Classroom Light System for Chasing Aurora Henry Angus (ANGU 291)Karen Latimer • University of Manitoba F02.2 - Interesting Elementary Math Concepts from Mars Challenge Henry Angus (ANGU 291)Yi Zhang • University of Calgary F03.1 - Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives into Post-Secondary Education Henry Angus (ANGU 350)Karen Favell • University of Manitoba F03.2 - Toward Ethical Engagement: Teaching Indigenous Literatures Henry Angus (ANGU 350)Kiefer Waite-Newhouse • University of Calgary F04.1 - Emergent Learning through Multiliteracies – Collaboration across School and University Henry Angus (ANGU 039)Kathy Sanford • Jamie Burren • Anita Roberts • University of Victoria F04.2 - Understanding the Task to Promote Girls’ Self-Efficacy and Interest in STEM Subjects: A Case Study Henry Angus (ANGU 039)Shimeng Liu • University of Calgary



G11.1 - Bringing Faculty Supervisors Voices to The Forefront: The Design of a Study Exploring Faculty Supervisors’ Conceptions of Supervision During Practicum. Henry Angus (ANGU 354)Mariel Gomez • University of British Columbia G11.2 - Rock Ritual: How side passions enhance personal teaching pedagogy Henry Angus (ANGU 354)Elizabeth Watts • St. Mary's University G04 - Igniting Understanding of What it Means to Teach: Currere as Pilot Light Henry Angus (ANGU 254)Leslie Palmer • Calvert County Public Schools G05 - A Paradox of Visibility: Challenging Cis-Normativity in the Classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 295)Emma Langley • Cheryl Chu • University of British Columbia G06 - Get Outside! An experiential learning opportunity in Environmental Education Henry Angus (ANGU 347)Aisha Balint • University of British Columbia G07 - Introduction to Micro:bit Henry Angus (ANGU 237)Cameron Beck • Kids Code Jeunesse G08 - Imaginative Education: the Future of Education Henry Angus (ANGU 435)Bernice Brown • Grace Yeh • University of British Columbia G09 - Garden-based Learning a Vision for the Future: Teacher candidates' multi-sensory/multimodal learning in, with and through the garden Henry Angus (ANGU 350)Margot Filipenko • Ian Brackman • Yvonne Dawydiak • Susan Gerofsky • Cynthia Nichol • Wendy Traas • University of British Columbia G10 - Critical Literacy, Global Literacy & Inquiry-Based Learning in an ELA Classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 334)Karen Switzer • UBC Okanagan G01.1 - Igniting the Future of Education Through Project Based Learning: A journey to discovering the Met school approach. Henry Angus (ANGU 039)Carla Butt • University of Manitoba G01.2 - Pre-service Science Teachers’ Personal Metacognitive Knowledge: A source of concern or just the way it is? Henry Angus (ANGU 039)Gregory Thomas • University of Alberta G02.1 - Another way to experience learning: The impact of CORE on UVic Education Student Tutors Henry Angus (ANGU 241)James Nahachewsky • University of Victoria G02.2 - Finding CORE: parents' search for educational support Henry Angus (ANGU 241)Karen Efford • University of Victoria G03.1 - Flexing Financial Muscles - Preparing immigrant youth for the financial future! Henry Angus (ANGU 234)Alisha Parashar-Choukulkar • John Oliver Secondary School G03.2 - School Teachers’ Emerging Practices, 21st Century Competencies and Digital Portfolio Assessment for Learning Henry Angus (ANGU 234)Tim Hopper • University of Victoria


H05 - Digital Media and Deception Henry Angus (ANGU 434)Brittanny Downey-MacDonald • Lauren Fredette • Dustin Sigouin • University of British Columbia H06 - Embedding Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Supportive Practices in the Classroom Henry Angus (ANGU 335)Miriam Miller • University of British Columbia H07 - A Ts'elxwéyeqw Journey of Conceptualizing the BC First Peoples Principles of Learning Henry Angus (ANGU 347)Tsandlia Van Ry • University of the Fraser Valley H08 - Crime Prevention and Young People:Exploring the Impact of the YouthLink Program Henry Angus (ANGU 243)Beejal Parekh • University of Calgary H09 - Learning Through Movement Henry Angus (ANGU 334)Ryley McLeod • Vancouver Island University H10 - Ignite Understanding of Place Value Concepts Using Games: Gr 3-7 Henry Angus (ANGU 435)Wendy Klassen • UBC Okanagan H01.1 - International Experiences Henry Angus (ANGU 234)Caitlyn McNicoll • Vancouver Island University H01.2 - Leanings and Learnings: The discomforts of an international teacher education placement Henry Angus (ANGU 234)Lori Driussi • Dr. Stephen J. Smith • Simon Fraser University H02.1 - Teacher Candidates in STEM Education: A Video-cued Multivocal Ethnography Henry Angus (ANGU 291)Ashleen Erdis • Edward Howe • Thompson Rivers University H02.2 - The Critical Role of Digital Mentorship: Teaching in a World surrounded by fake news Henry Angus (ANGU 291)Daniel Gallardo • University of British Columbia H03.1 - Perceptions of EAL learners: Some Implications Henry Angus (ANGU 350)Laura Rowley • Brandon University H03.2 - Lessons from the Field: The TRUVic model Henry Angus (ANGU 350)Sasha Ilnyckyj • Melissa Horner • Mary Leighton • Kerry Robertson • University of Victoria H04.1 - Teacher Mentoring as Collaboration: Conversations with school advisors during the extended practicum Henry Angus (ANGU 354)Scott Robertson • Amanda Fritzlan • University of British Columbia H04.2 - Changing the Narrative in Physical Education: Teacher Candidate Insights Into Their Vision and Interpretations of Health Outdoor and Physical Education (HOPE) Henry Angus (ANGU 354)Steve McGinley • Connie Chan • Bailey Shandro • University of British Columbia